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Welcome To OneGlobal

Being new in the market with profound roots associated around the world, we make a promising blend of unwavering quality and executional service. We realize the time taken in worldwide exchange set up is of months. Likewise, we comprehend the significance of timely opportunities in this age, and that is the place we come into the image to serve as a reliable hubspot in finding your overseas business match.

What we offer?

Our services give exposure to Indian companies willing to work Overseas and overseas companies willing to work in India as well. We help you find your partnering company/ distributor/ joint ventures/ dealers/ technology sharing of your interest area.
Currently sharing our interests with Australia, China, Korea, Japan, many European countries mainly Russia, Portugal, Gremany, United Kingdom, etc., Western Continent covering United States (USA) and Canada and not to mention UAE.

Why invest in India?

India displays an idealistic extension for abroad venture and is finding a way to draw in progressively remote speculators. No business, that is intending to wind up a worldwide player can stand to disregard the Indian market.

Several reasons to Invest in India among which 8 of them are :

1. Size of India
2. Economic Growth
3. Diversity
4. Lower cost of production due to lower labor rates
5. Indian Government's constantly evolving investor friendly policy
6. Domestic Economy
7. A robust financial sector
8. Quality of investment market
Summing up, India withstands to future of International market and become a major economy in near future.